Conference Organizzazion


The conference is organized by:

Palestine Academy for Science & Technology Palestinian Water Authority
Conference Chairpersons
--Dr. Imad Khatib, Secretary General, Palestine academy for
Science and Technology
--Dr. Shaddad Attili, Head of Palestinian Water Authority

Organizing Committee
--Ayman Al Haj Daoud, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology
--Hazim Kitaneh, Palestinian Water Authority, Ramallah
--Rebhy El Sheikh, Palestinian Water Authority, Gaza

Scientific and Expert Committee
--Mac Mckee, Utah State University, USA
--David Philips, Phillips Robinson and Associates, Namibia
--Clemens Messerschmid, freelance hydrogeologist and water consultant
in the Middle East
--Mark Zeitoun, Department of Geography, King’s College – London
--Anan Jayousi, An Najah National University
--Numan Mizyed, An Najah National University
--Mohammad Al Masri, An Najah National University
--Omar Zimmo, Birzeit University
--Marwan Ghanem, Birzeit University
--Alfred Abed Rabbo, Bethlehem University
--Qasem Abed El Jaber, Al-Quds University
--Mustafa Khamis, Al-Quds University
--Yousef Abdullah Amro, Hebron University
--Majed Abu Sharkh, Palestine Polytechnic University
--Nizam Diab, Arab American University Jenin
--Yousef Abu mayleh, Al Azhar University
--Mohammed Abu Jabal, Al Azhar University
--Samir Afifi, Islamic University of Gaza
--Yunes Mogheir, Islamic University of Gaza
--Fahid Rabah, Islamic University of Gaza
--Karen Assaf, Arab Scientific Institute for Research and Transfer
of technology
--Jad Isaac, Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
--Hilmi S. Salem, Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
--Ayman Rabi, Palestinian Hydrology Group
--Fadia Daibis, DanChurch Aid/Middle East Desk