Water waste


Drop by drop, every day large quantities of water fall by the wayside, both in industrialized countries and in developing countries. Among the causes, faults, holes and broken surfaces.

In Italy 30.1% of water resources are thrown away, in France, the losses are 26%, while in Britain and Spain, about 22% of water is missing against the 6.8% in Germany.

In recent years, the environmental impact has also been added to an economic cost, which is being felt in all countries of the world. Because of global warming, in fact, basic water resources are gradually depleting, and this makes water an even more precious good.

Taking action to repair water leak is not easy, it can be very expensive to check valves, due to their high number, and the results , until now, are not guaranteed. For this reason, in most cases, it's easier to ignore the problem.
Pipes, provided with special protections, run under the ground, often along unknown paths. It doesn't pay to anybody to dig blindly , neither in the countryside (where the costs of the work are greater), nor in the cities (where the risk is to clog traffic for nothing).

For this purpose a device has been invented that can "swim" in water pipes and "listen" to every small loss, then "communicate" its findings via radio air. The invention is "eco-friendly", "social-oriented" and cheap . The basic principle is that of wireless. Innovation, in this case, is in the use of radio air to solve the plight of wastage of drinking water. A common problem throughout the world, representing a significant factor in environmental costs.