Companies Promoting Water Conservation

Companies Promoting Water Conservation

With increasing anxieties over climate change, many topics have been arising and people started asking questions about causes and solutions. Humanity is currently focusing on a variety of issues from plastic pollution to waste management. However, there is one hugely important resource we sometimes take for granted – water. Depending on the country, there are different amounts of water available and people consume it in enormous quantities every day. Not only individuals but also companies around the world use water in one way or another. Here are just a few companies that promote water conservation.

This non-profit organization is working towards bringing safe and clean water to Haiti, Ghana, Uganda, and India. The organization aims to work with local partners in each of the above mentioned locations in order to find the best solution for clean water in the region. However, depending on the region, the source for water can differ and can include water from wells, rain-water harvesting systems, and others. Not only does the organization aim to help people by bringing them clean water, but they also create a connection with local communities and teach them about sanitation and hygiene.


This specific organization was created after its founder Ryan Delameter decided to participate in a 10,000-mile bike ride through 10 countries to fundraise and create awareness about the global water crisis. After the charity ride, Ryan got inspired and created the Ride4Water organization to help other countries with getting clean water. The tradition to do the charity bike rides continues, and as more money was raised for the awareness, the organizations install water filtration systems in the communities in Oaxaca, Fiji, and El Salvador.

Lifewater International

Lifewater International is a Christian water development organization that serves communities in East Africa and Southeast Asia. Those who are involved with the organization and live in those locations are actively involved with the local communities. The staff from Lifewater International helps the communities with building their own drying racks and handwashing stations. People at the organization promote sanitation and hygiene, and they also teach the communities basics of hygiene.

Planet Water Foundation

The Planer Water Foundation serves schools, children and rural communities across the world by installing water filters. The filtration systems are aimed to trap bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles, resulting in clean water. The Foundation installs each of these water filtration systems in a single day, and they do not require much maintenance. With these water filtration systems, the organization can bring up to 10,000 liters of clean water to 1,000 people.

Whether a non-profit organization or a large corporation, people from around the world who understand the problem of water conservation, aim to help those in need. Mainly, countries such as Africa and rural territories in Asia are suffering from water shortage, while other countries use water on a daily basis in large amounts. In order to conserve as much water as possible, more companies should educate their employees about water and what can be done to preserve it.

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