Natural Mineral Water

What Is the Difference Between Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Table Water?

A human being can survive without food for many days, but without fresh water even a few days are dangerous. The body immediately sends warnings as soon as it feels a lack of water. But what kind of water is most beneficial to humans? Scientists believe that water quality is best defined by two aspects: it is the chemical composition in terms of minerals, and microbiological quality, it must be free of pathogenic microorganisms.

However, there is no united answer to the question what kind of water is healthy. The individual diet must be taken into account. Water does not have to be highly mineralized because we get most of the needed minerals with food. However, if a person is ill or sweats a lot, the minerals are quickly lost, so water with a high degree of mineralization restores the electrolyte balance.

Water Testing in the Laboratory

The water supplied by the tap has a good quality in many places as the water is supplied from underground wells. Underground well water is protected from external chemical and microbiological pollution. In addition, it is saturated with various minerals useful for the human body, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and others. However, consumers are sometimes unsure whether tap water is clean and suitable for use.

If people do not trust that the water supplied by the tap is safe, they can take a sample of it to the appropriate laboratories, which study the composition of the water in both microbiological and chemical terms, and everything will be clear. The study will show what substances make up water and how much of it. If residents use well water, the scientists strongly recommend testing it in a laboratory. Especially if it is a surface water. When agriculture is predominant around, the water can contain a variety of nitrites, nitrates that are very harmful and are not removed even by boiling the water.

Water Filters: Salvation or Just A Persuasive Advertising?

However, water filters at home are not always needed. Sometimes people just believ in the influence of adds. Traders are starting to scare people that the water is bad. They bring some equipment, treat the water by electrolysis and the water turns black, so everything seems very scary. However, it says nothing about water quality. The water supplied by the tap, affected in this way, acquires a dark color. There are many filters. For example, some filters completely desalinate the water, after which certain minerals are added to the water, other filters remove hard water-causing substances such as calcium and magnesium.

Water Filters
Water Filters

According to scientists, some filters also use tanks in which water is filtered, but microorganisms multiply very quickly in stagnant water. Microorganisms are multiplying in standing water for a long time. Also, in the water tap the number of microorganisms in it is huge. Whether those microorganisms are harmful to humans is another question. However, after a long time, it is advisable to drain the water well to wash away the microorganisms.

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